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Series of bomb blasts in Kathmandu

Three bomb blasts, one at Balaju, inside a microbus, next one at Tripureswar bus stop and another one at Sundhara of Kathmandu on September 2, 2007 created terror in the city.When the bomb blasted at Sundhara, I was at China Town Shopping Complex in order to buy some essentials. I was accompanied by my friend Bikas Kumar Jha. I was quite happy as one of my friends Santosh Khanal had scheduled to engage with a Tiwari (I fogot forename!) girl at Kalopul on September 3, 2007. Since the bomb blasts shocked me, I had decided to not to participate in the programme. But Santosh is one of the best friends in my circle. What to do? I was in confusion.In the evening, conjunctivitis attacked me and I did not even open my left eye. I sent an SMS to Santosh telling my inability to attend the party. In the party, there was only Deepak Dhakal from our school-gang!Two ladies died on the same day.UN and others condemned the attacks.

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