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Where is Nepal ?

Why do people write? Why don’t people write? I couldn’t find the answer to this question. I asked many of my friends and colleagues but could not get the answer.

I thought of regular writing but could not make it as per my earlier promise. I became lazy these days. It is also due to mental tension created by Jantantrik Terai Mukti Morcha and other groups active in terai region. They threatened pahade (they call) government employee to quit terai. My parents are in their so called state and JTMM and others are against it. Some people say that it is cowardice to leave the place. Why to leave the place if they are living there for decades? But some people opine if armed groups threaten then it is meaningless to live there. Peace-loving people, without any weapons (we hate arms); it is not easy to live there. They kidnap for ransom. If anybody can’t give money, they kill. Hence pahade people are leaving their homeland. But local Madise people and leaders are speechless in this connection. They must go against this behaviour. They should organize community to create harmony and peace in the society.

My relatives are in terai and are afraid of their life. Hence I am frustrated with the politics. It is not easy to find an honest person in the politics.
There should be peace and harmony in the society.
Where is Nepal, a peaceful country?


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