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My life is so lonely and in silence after Sabi left a mark on my heart. She left without a signal. I have to find out everything that crushes my love alone. I really regret it. It was so stupid of me to not know it. I still don't find the answer. EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. I just have to think carefully to do the right thing at every step I took.

I have done so many things for her but what I get in return? Nothing! Or even worse, that was what she always repaid me. I loved her so much! I couldn’t bear to leave her. I am so scared. I hope I find happiness to all these.

I keep remembering her. I don’t know why. I just want to say 'I miss you' to her. I really do! Nobody understands. Time changes. I think that’s all. I am tired and I wish to sleep fast!

Hope to write but these days I am busy and stressed !

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