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The Unmarried have Power

In honor of Singles Week, I thought I’d provide a few interesting stats relating to the single life. For example:

92 million
That’s the number of unmarried and single Americans 18 and older in 2006 (according to the U.S. Census Bureau). Incidentally that’s 42% of all U.S. residents!

Know what that means? Singles have power. Voting power. Monetary power.

For example, 36% of voters were unmarried in the 2004 election. That number will no doubt increase with the 2008 election.

Want to talk monetary power? There were over 900 dating service establishments nationwide as of 2002 (the last time the U.S. Census Bureau tracked it). I’ll bet that figure has grown exponentially since then. These businesses employed nearly 4,300 people and pulled in $489 million in revenues.

And that’s just in items related to the dating industry! It doesn’t take into account housing, clothes, cars or food.

Like I said… singles have power. More and more each day as singles not only gain in number but are increasingly more savvy and certain about what they want for their future. Singles have power… so how will you use yours?(


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