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Being Happy

Being happy is liking the way you feel and being open to the future without fear.

Being happy is accepting yourself at this place and time.

Being happy is not being perfect, becoming rich, falling in love , having power , knowing the right people, or succeeding in your job.

Being happy is liking yourself the way you are right now – maybe not all of yourself , but the essential you.

You deserve to love yourself for the way you are at this moment.

If you think you have to be more than you are now to be happy and love yourself, you are imposing impossible conditions on yourself.

Only you know yourself the way you do. You can compile the longest and least sympathetic inventory of your faults. At any time , no matter how successful or accomplished you become , you will be able to undermine your happiness by reciting this list of faults.

Know your faults but don't allow their existence to become an excuse for not loving yourself just the way you are.

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