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From SS

Hi ,
This is a mail that u have been expecting since a while!!!!
This to tell you how important you have been in my life!!!
Whenn our frienship begun you me started to blend so well that we never realised the time pass by & we did not know that one day we will need each other so much.

When late at nite, I cannot sleep I end up thinking of you, your thoughts haunt me, I wonder what is the meaning of having you in my life??? And when I close my eyes, I see you standing with open arms and I run to you and you hold me tight you take my breath away and I feel I am flying and gone to heaven!!!!

I always belive never trust a person so much that you can get hurt from when they make a mistake!!! But no matter what I feel like trusting you again & again!! well the saying that trusting a person is a better compliment than I love you because you may not always trust the person you love but you always love the person that you trust. I TRUST YOU NOW! i hope you don't break my trust again!!

I always told you that '' love means not ever having to say your sorry" well I mean that!!!

I see you true and belive in the things you do, I don't judge you, all I know you do the best in the things you do! I am proud of you! and simply love for the man you've become and the man you wanna be!!!!

I know every wound, and your touch that even if you are silent I can listen to what you wanna say! I KNOW YOU BETTER THAN YOU KNOW YOURSELF! Deep inside we have touched each others soul!!!

And even now if we don't end up together I will love you! and never forget you!


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