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Learn How To Inspire and Motivate People

By Jeff Cohen
Greg is a CEO of a small company in Pennsylvania. This man started the company somewhere in college and has developed it into an enterprise that is exporting goods to other countries.

One day, a former classmate from Penn State decided to call and ask the man to become the speaker of a small seminar on entrepreneurship back at the old campus.

Feeling honored about being given the opportunity, Greg sat down and started thinking about what to say to these people. The message should be clear and concise. “I will share my experience,” he thought. This will make the audience understand that his journey to the top was tough and there were a lot of setbacks.

Giving a motivational or inspirational message to people is like selling a product. The audience has to be convinced that if Greg was able to succeed, so can other people.

To make sure that Greg will be able to give a truly inspiration talk, he should make an outline. This should start with an introduction of the entrepreneur as a student who later on built a company. The main body should describe the details, such as the successes and the failures that became his lessons in life.

The end of the talk should focus on the things that are being anticipated and hoped for in the future. This will make people believe that having a business isn’t easy since one has to be always on the competitive edge.

The audience will really appreciate it if there’s an open forum after the talk. These people can ask certain questions which need more explanation. This can provide solutions to those having a hard time with an existing business.

After his speech, Greg will be able to know if his talk was effective if the audience will be given an evaluation sheet to be filled on the way out. This will give people like Greg a gauge on how effective the session was.

If people found it boring, then Greg should probably change a few things so that next time, the audience will feel inspired afterwards. Should the participants love it, this is a different story.

Greg has found a niche that can be used again to also motivate and inspire more people to work hard and be successful in life.

There are many ways for a person to spread the good word to others who need a little push. He can advertise the services to companies and other organizations that would like to get the help he can provide.

The individual can also write a book and then have this published. There are a lot of CEOs’ that have done this and the lessons learned are also applied and studied in business schools across the country.

Some people may not even have to write a book. The individual can also write the success story in a website which people can look for by making sure this is one of the popular ones that will pop out in one of the search engines.

Greg’s evaluation for the talk was very good. The friend who worked in campus asked if this could be done again. Greg didn’t know he has this talent inside. The lessons he learned can be shared to other people. This will inspire and motivate others who are probably thinking of giving up on their journey to success.

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