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Sometimes I wonder if anyone ever waits to have sex until the wedding night anymore. Is sexuality a gift you give to your spouse or is it something you give to anyone that you love? What is your opinion?
Reasons to Wait
I think that there is something very special about giving yourself to only one person. Knowing that you are giving your body, mind, and spirit is magical. You could be his only lover and he could be yours. You know that he won’t ever be comparing you to any other woman. You learn and you grow together. Both of you need to be open to exploration and learning.
Reasons to Not Wait
Many men and women feel that it is not smart to wait until marriage. You need to “test drive” your partner to know if you are sexually compatible. If you don’t click sexually, you move on to someone else. Hopefully you find someone that you are compatible with mentally, emotionally, and sexually.
In every relationship, the sex usually starts out amazing. But with time, the passion can fade. Both partners, regardless if you waited or not, need to be willing to try new things and to learn how to make sex better. This is where commitment comes into the equation.(passionblog)

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