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Should A Girl Needs A Boy?

Can a girl live throughout her life without a boy? This is impossible. When she is young, she will look up to her father in her young life. If the father is a good father, he will be the number 1 man in her life, then her brothers, uncles and other male relatives.

No woman wants to be single if she has a choice. She becomes a single woman by default. LOL! It is sure no fun being alone and unwanted like nobody’s child. Singlehood may have its advantages but you can feel something is missing like a jigsaw puzzle. You need one more piece to make the picture complete. That small piece can be a very big hurdle, a MAN.

Men and women are attracted to each other by nature because we have been designed to procreate and continue the human race. From young, baby girls and boys have been observed to be different in characters and traits. Their strengths and their weaknesses complement each other. Many parents treat their sons and daughters differently according to their gender bias. As a result girls grow up to be girls and boys to be boys.

A man is expected to be the Jack of all trades, to repair the faucet, change the light bulbs and all the minor odd jobs in the house. He is the odd job man. For such small matters, it is difficult to call the repair man as he will either not take on those small jobs or he will charge exorbitantly.
Having a man in the house is safer as he can thwart any threats from other intruders. When you live alone, you can be bullied or easy prey to others.

You can live with another female if you like, but this is not the same as living with a man. The man operates on a different frequency. Being married is like spiritually and mentally joining together to another half who would walk with you and help you when you fall down.

You are no more alone but two in one. You look out for each other and build your nest together when you have kids. Friends and boyfriends can only do so much but a spouse can walk with you to the end of the world. He will carry you when you are tired .He is more than a friend,lover, father, brother ,uncle combined.

Unity is strength. Alone, you will fall, but when you are two, you can get further in life. Sometimes, you piggyback on each other and you don’t have to walk alone anymore. You have someone to talk to and whom you can trust.

You love that someone and that someone loves you back. How sweet those feelings are when you are loved .We all need to be loved and appreciated and without love, life is so meaningless. I would rather try to love and lost than not to love at all. The greatest pleasure of life is love. To love that someone who is very special. Our hearts are made for love. Love is pure and it covers a multitude of sins. We don’t see our partner’s faults.

You may see other unhappy married couples and think life is better off being single. This is a pessimistic outlook. There are also many happily married couples. Why do you focus on those bad marriages only?

"A woman needs a man to be complete and fulfilled as a woman ,a wife , a mother, a companion and a life long partner."


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