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Should We Marry?

Nearly one year, I have never heard from one of my best friends, Sampurna Upadhyaya, living abroad. Even in the country, I rarely met them. Today is the lucky day that I talked with him online living in America. Right now, he was married to Indian woman in United States with a son and then he got married again in India. His parents and siblings are living in India, except him. Before I never draw my attention to his words, he always said that married man is not easy. He always gives me and my single friends advice not to get married early. He added that after marriage, we have many responsibilies for family. At that time, he told me that his life is now deteriorating from day to day. Because he has not enough time to earn in living and his health is not so good. He told me that he is stressed out because he thinks so much. He need to come to Nepal for relaxion.

Before he met his wife in America, he went to New Zealand to study. Because of hardness in New zealand, he made decision to travel to America and then he met his wife overthere.

This morning, I chatted with him, he still tell me that we should not marry early because we have many obligations to support family. I responded to him “Life is hard, complicated and difficult”. Everyone cannot avoid the wedding’s life. What is important is that we have to think that how to improve married-after-life and to make family to have happiness. He joked with me, and he said that he wants to convert to Islam religion in order to have 4 wives. In this point, I still wonder why does man need to have other girl (step-wife and mistress)?. I do not say about the conflicted family. I say about family with happiness.

At the end, I can not still judge the married and unmarried life whether which one is better. I used to meet married man, he said that his life is no problem after marriage because his wife can cook, wash and iron clothes, and do some things for him. For Nepali, American etc. Constitutions has said that, the both male and female have equal rights in living.

One of my friends in Sudan now, Maheswar Karki, suggested me to marry as soon as possible and send in marriage-invitation to him. He has already been married this year in Nepal and left his spouse in Nepal. It was his job obligation to leave the lady but I don't think his wife is happy enough to pass the lonely days.

Should we marry?

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