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KFA Training

Now the KFA Professional Banking Course is over.

I find some faculty members excellent! Resta Jha of Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Ltd. and Umesh Singh Bhandari of Nepal Bangladesh Bank Ltd. motivated us to not to leave the country. According to them, there are so many opportunities in Nepal. We have to find potentiality of any sector in order to excel.

I am greatful to Mr Harendra J Thapa, Operations Head at KFA for his intellectual guidance, support, inspiration, supervision and valuable suggestions in every stage of this work.

Likewise, my thanks also go to faculty members Mr Kishu Jha, Mr Ajit Bhattarai, Mr Atish Shrestha, Mr Arun Sigdel, Mr Tej B Chand, Mr Umesh Singh Bhandari, Mr Sarbendra Mishra whose lectures made us know the pros and cons of the banking industry. We would not forget unique teaching style of Mr Atish Shrestha!

I would like to thank staffers at KFA for their help and support during the course. Sharada Karki made us our mind fresh by serving tea during the whole course. I would like to appreciate her effort.

I would like to express our sincere thanks to other group member friends, especially Mr Kush Adhikari, who helped us in many ways while conducting this study. No words of gratitude will be sufficient for their assistance to enable us to complete the course.

I find my friends unique in the sense that they have zeal to succeed. I could not forget Mr Bijay Shakya and Ms Richa Uprety for their help during the course. Ms Preeti Tuladhar is also motivating us to succeed in our life. Despite being a mother of 7-month baby; she managed time for report editing and printing etc. Sister Yasmine Naaz has also inspired me every moment during the course!

Thanks a lot to all!


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