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Nepalese Finance Sector

Rabindra Bhattarai, an excellent lecturer at Shanker Dev Campus, has view of strengthening the securities board of Nepal (SEBON).Yes, there is political appointment and the appointee favours for political party rather than the institution. There is fraud in IPO. Identification of real investor is disguised. Being an agricultural country, agro-based companies should be brought into the area of capital market to increase the production and fulfill the increasing need for food.
I am one of the students of Rabindra Bhattarai in Shanker Dev Campus. I must get a seat before 05:45 AM in order to listen his lecture in the section B class. However, his class starts from 06:30 AM. This proves his unique teaching style! Sir lai Salam! I live at Sallaghari, Bhaktapur and it is not easy for me to manage time to get a seat in the class before 06:00 AM. There is huge crowd of students but with pin drop silence also prevails in the class.


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