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Soul Proof Lessons

The following themes emerge from the vast amount of varied evidence that you and everyone else are eternal spiritual/energy beings having a human experience:
1. You are one with the One and part of Source. As such, your enduring self/consciousness/spirit does not die, cannot be hurt, and cannot ultimately fail.
2. Life truly is a totally safe and magnificent adventure amidst eternity. That's a very important lesson so let's break that down:
a. "totally safe" means that nothing can destroy your soul--not even a nuclear missile fired at point blank range. Your essence is deathless and indestructible.
b. "magnificent adventure": mythic and contemporary stories have long inspired us to realize the hero within and succeed despite seemingly overwhelming odds.

c. "eternity" is forever, infinite, endless, always present but ever changing. Time is a human construct, not an absolute phenomenon in other time/space dimensions.

3. Heaven is here now. Topics from the original religious Aramaic meanings to quantum physics input concur: heaven is not a place, but a vibrational reality, a level of awareness in which one perceives with spiritual as well as physical senses.

4. You can increasingly know and show #3 when you truly desire it, ask for assistance, and follow your optimal path

5. You are a wise, infinite, special and powerful being. That is true now--whether you know it or not. It may seem easier to let someone else direct your life, but the real joy in life happens when you take responsibility for yourself. You have the opportunity to co-create a wonderful life . . . or not. It's up to you.

6. God/Universe/Spirit is always assisting and guiding you. Help from the Divine flows without cease or limit. When you realize that, and live in such a way that you internalize it, your life will naturally move toward the highest possibilities in every aspect of life.

7. You are here to let your light shine, to share your greatest gifts, to sing all your heart songs. When you do, you feel happy and great; those are the surest clues that you're on the right path.

8. You, as a soul, volunteered to come to Earth for a short while because of the exquisite opportunities for service, adventure, growth and enjoyment.

9. Knowing #1-8 is the good news that sets you free, no matter what is going on around you. Knowing this truth allows you to survive, and even thrive, amidst life's inevitable changes and challenges. You can increasingly know your high soul nature and live accordingly, enjoying the life of your dreams--the life you have imagined!

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