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Call Centre Job

The call centre job is very interesting for me. I am leaving my home at 7PM and leave the office at 4AM when the metro is sleeping. Due to heavy traffic, I leave at 7 though my duty starts at 8. One of my colleagues from America says there is rare chance of becoming late in the office due to traffic. But here in Nepal, I leave my home one hour before though it is not more than 15 minutes drive. I use my motorbike rather than office vehicle due to easiness and saving money. The office charges one a fee of NPR 5000.00 a month for using the vehicle. But I can manage my trip with not more than NPR 1000.00.

Talking to international clients is interesting. The environment is conducive and amicable. It seems I am working in any office inside the USA. It provided me international training opportunity twice. One I was in Colorado for 12 days and recently I was in Las Vegas for a week-long training. I am very much impressed with their training methodology.

I am happy to manage my daytime job together with this call centre job. It is known that Albert Einstein was in favour of sleeping more than ten hours daily but Bill Clinton prefers only half of Einstein i.e. only five hours. I am also taking rest for 4-5 hours daily and short nap in the daytime. It is not easy to manage daytime job and night shift job along with studies. But I don't think there is shortcut and easy way to success. Hard work pays and labour does not go in vain!

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