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Poverty falls in Nepal ?

According to National Planning Commission, the proportion of people in Nepal below the poverty line has declined to 25.4 per cent by 2010, down from 42 per cent in 1990. In order to achieve its Millennium Development Goal, Nepal needs to reduce the poverty rate to 21 per cent by 2015.

However, the poverty rates are different in urban and rural sectors. A report of Central Bureau of Statistics in 2009 showed the poverty incidence in rural areas is 28.5 per cent but the rate is only 7.6 per cent in urban areas. There is no any improvement in this gap and this is widening. The condition of mountain region-poverty is worse as compared to hilly and terai regions. The data of 2009 show the poverty in mountains region is 31.9, 28.6 in hilly and it is only 21.8 in terai region.

Similarly, Nepal has also succeeded in reducing the proportion of people with less than daily income of $ 1.


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