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Excellent Medical Education in Nepal

Some doctors (?), after completing their MBBS, were failed to obtain even 10 marks out of 100 full marks in the Nepal Medical Council's Licensing exam some 10 days ago. As per the provision, a student should score 50 out of 100 marks in the multiple choice questions to be eligible for the license. Only 20 per cent of doctors seeking to get the NMC's license passed the examination to be eligible to involve in the medical profession. In spite of several attempts, many students who studied abroad were unsuccessful in the exam. This shows the poor quality of medical education abroad. Though people are investing a huge sum of money for medical education abroad, the pupils return home country without proper knowledge.

According to Dr Somnath Arjyal, chairman of NMC, more than 90 per cent doctors produced in Nepal pass the licensing exam at their very first attempt. It should be noted that no any student who studied their MBBS in Kazakhstan and Moldova passed the test. But the trend of going there for medical education is increasing these days due to low cost and easy admission. Medical students pass their exams quite easily abroad. A medical student pursuing study in a private college in China never fails in examination after getting admission.It has also been seen that a significant number of doctors couldn't pass the Public Service Examination for entry level government job in medical profession. The data show that 20 per cent of doctors who received NMC license could not score a single mark in PSC's examination.

Now people should think over before selecting a doctor for their daughters for marriage whether the doctor has NMC's license. Mostly in Terai, the doctors, engineers have more reputation in the society and people want their son, daughter-in-law, son-in-law to be a doctor. People manage as much as dowry if they get doctor as their son-in-law etc. They should think over it.

The governments should also have policy measures to send students in reputed medical colleges in order to utilize a huge investment in the sector. Why to go abroad if the quality medical education prevails in Nepal?


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