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Nepal government has now decided to adjust the civil servants who have got special promotion under Article 24 (D 1) of Civil Service Act, 2049 through an amendment. The Article has special provision that the promoted candidates would not be given proper or promoted responsibility though they get salary and other benefits of the upper class post.

The government had started automatic promotion of the civil servants with some provisions in 2006 following the mounting pressure from them. Some 15,000 candidates got promotion at that time and it is continuing and hence the condition is problematic now. They are demanding the responsibility of the promoted post and other benefits though they were agreed to get promotion and not the responsibility etc. previously.

Though the amendment bill is endorsed by the cabinet, the Ministry of General Administration, main operating agency of the civil service, will bring it into action only after holding a consultation and receiving consent from Public Service Commission as per the provision of Nepal Interim Constitution, 2063. The Ministry has proposed four different models to promote the candidates. The promotion will be based on open competition, file promotion, internal competition and seniority now and there will be no provision of promotion as per 24 (D 1). Thirty per cent of the total vacant posts will be filled based on seniority once the problem of those getting special promotion was addressed. Remaining seventy per cent vacant seats will be filled based on three other criterion.


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