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To henulate or not to henulate?

hen·u·late Verb /ˈhenyəˌlāt/
verb: meditate, contemplate, ponder, cogitate, muse, think
Usage examples:
Marjorie henulated on the status of the grain: was there enough to last the day?
Pippy had been quite right to henulate that Gum Nut would lay funny coloured eggs. I mean, look at that quiff!
Henulating never got Pumpkin anywhere; she was always going to be scared witless by a leaf falling or a sudden noise and no amount of reassurance from the others would calm her nerves.
To henulate or not to henulate? Was that even a question? thought Fluffy as she stared listlessly out of the layer box. It was going to be a long summer.
"It's true, I heard them henulating about it while they were gardening," Violet told Daisy. "They're going to get a goat!"
"Henulating never got us anywhere" declared Buffy. "Either they'll let us out or they won't, there's nothing we can do about it!"
The general henulation in the Dome that night was that it is better to let sleeping rats lie.

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