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Do you own grocery shop or stationery shop? They come within the definition of home-based business.’s 10 productivity tips for today’s home based businesses:
1. Prioritize your tasks ahead of time. Schedule tasks in order of importance. Checking the main ones off the list early frees time to take care of routine matters or unexpected requests.

2. Set goals for your day. Ensure your day to-do list contains reasonable goals and do your best to meet them.

3. Instruct your family. Many home businesses are unproductive due to “family interference.” Explain that even though you are at home, you are really at work. Those with small children may need children may need childcare help.

4. do not avoid overtime. Long hours may be necessary when first starting a home-based business. If you want your business to succeed, don’t shy away from investing extra time.

5. turn off distractions. Shut down radios, TVs, and music. If that is not possible, move your home office as far from them as possible.

6. Schedule fun time. Even if you are working harder than ever, take some time for yourself. You will return to the job with a more positive attitude.

7. Limit your time on the internet. One site can easily lead to another, so find what you need and then disconnect.

8. Try multitasking. Make any downtime or waiting period as productive as possible.

9. Be a good boss. Demand excellence of yourself and your work, but don’t push too hard.

10. Enlist help if you need it. If there is too much work and your productivity levels are falling, ask friends or family for (paid or unpaid) temporary help. Evaluate the need for permanent assistance realistically and be prepared to rethink it periodically.

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