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Singles often feel left out in our couple-driven society. Whenever you're tempted to feel down because of your singularity, remember these reasons why flying solo can be the best way to go:

1. You can make last-minute plans with your friends and stay out all night if you want.
2. You can lie on both sides of your bed and have all the covers to yourself.
3. You can flirt with the opposite sex without someone saying, "
Who are you looking at?
4. You can make your own decisions.
5. You don't have to remember your significant other's birthday or anniversary.
6. You have no one to clean up after.
7. You can leave the toilet seat permanently up if you're a man, or permanently down if you're a woman.
8. You can make a list of things you always wanted to do...and actually do them.
9. You can listen to your favorite radio station in the car.
10. You can actually hold on to the remote control.(By Judy Bolton)

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