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By Rad Dewey
Singles are happy to be single, believe they're more open to new experiences, and in better physical shape than couples, according to a survey conducted for Yahoo! Personals by Harris Interactive. Survey results were released in honor of National Singles Week, Sept. 16-22.
Asked to compare themselves to married couples (or couples living together) 88 percent of the singles surveyed said they were happier or just as happy as their "coupled" peers. Also, 51 percent of singles said they were more open to new experiences while 33 percent at least as open to them.
Also, according to the survey findings, 78 percent of singles believe they are more or equally physically fit than their "coupled" peers. In their careers, 81 percent of the singles believe they were about as successful or more successful than the couples they knew. Some 61 percent of the singles surveyed said they were more self indulgent than their "coupled" peers.
Finally, 71 percent of the singles surveyed said they felt more or at least as financially secure as the couples they knew.
"Singles, according to this study, perceive a lot of positives in their lives when they measure themselves against their married peers," says Caroline Presno, commenting on the survey findings, "
Singles are seeing their lives as more of an adventure.

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