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Jobs without Academic Degree

For those who decide to forgo a college education, there are still plenty of valid career options to consider.
•Real Estate Broker: Real estate brokers help clients sell residential property. Becoming a Realtor requires 60 to 90 hours of classroom professional training and successful compltion of a licensure exam.
•Transportation Manager: In this job, you’re responsible for planning routes for transportation firms. Most people in these positions are truck drivers who’ve shown good work ethic and a willingness to learn new skills. Companies tend to promote people who have experience in the field rather than recruiting college graduates, and many people who hold this type of job have not attended college.

•Retail Sales Supervisor: This job involves hiring, training, and scheduling cashiers, customer service representatives, and other workers. Most people in this occupation begin as low-level employees and work their way up by demonstrating managerial skills and problem-solving ability.

•Gaming Manager: At casinos, the gaming manager is in charge of overseeing general operations. Most are dealers or floor workers who have been promoted.

•Power Distributor: A power distributor works at an electrical plant to control the flow of electricity. On-the-job training is combined with formal classroom instruction for most positions.

•Elevator Repairer: Elevator repairers typically ge their training on the job or through formal apprenticeship programs. To begin an apprenticeship, you must be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma or GED, pass an aptitude test, and be in good physical shape.
•Truck Driver: Demand for those who transport goods using commercial vehicles continues to grow each year. Drivers must earn a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) from their state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

•Fraud Investigator: This job involves finding cases of abuse among child support, missing persons, or unemployment insurance claims. Investigators typically learn their trade on the job.

•Fitness Trainer or Aerobics Instructor: If you love the idea of getting paid to work out and help others get in shape, this is the job for you. Experienced athletes with the ability to motivate and inspire others are in high demand at gyms across the United States.

•Home Health Aide: Those who live in areas with a high population of elderly residents will find this job in high demand. After a brief training period, home health aides help provide basic medical care to people who are unable to leave their homes.

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